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Staff Contacts

Driver Services, DL/ID Issuing, Driver Compliance, Exam
(651) 297-3298
Vehicle Services, Ownership transfers, titles, liens, vehicle registration
(651) 297-2126
Office Locations, Search Online: Locations tab on the orange navigation bar
(651) 297-2005
Schedule a Skills (Road) Test, Schedule Online: Online Services tab on the orange navigation bar
(651) 284-1000
Commercial Driver's License, Medical Certificates, TSA, HazMat
(651) 297-5029
Commercial DL, Disqualification
(651) 205-4086
Driver's License Status, Check Online: Online Services tab on the orange navigation bar
(651) 284-2000
Driver's Education, Licensed instructors, schools, third party testers
(651) 201-7626
Driver Evaluation, Work permits, violations, limited/revoked/suspended/canceled privileges
(651) 296-2025
Fines, Fine payment, fines on driving records
(651) 296-2035
Media Inquiries, Megan Matthews
(651) 201-7566
Implied Consent Violation, Ignition Interlock Program, Reinstatements
(651) 296-8599
Investigations, Court-ordered expungement, conviction disputes
(651) 296-2023
Records, Obtaining driving or crash records
(651) 215-1335
Refunds, Obtain driver services related refunds
(651) 296-0118
Prorate, Motor carriers, commercial vehicles, interstate registration
(651) 205-4141
Special License Plates, Personalized, Veteran, Collegiate, etc.
(651) 297-3166
Impounded Plates, WX plates
(651) 297-5034
Disability Parking, Hangtags, disability plates, disability parking permit
(651) 297-3377
Violations, Trucks with gross weight and/or axle weight violations
(651) 296-3844
Dealership Licensing, How to become a licensed Minnesota Dealer, file a dealer complaint
(651) 201-7800
Records, Obtaining motor vehicle or crash records
(651) 296-2940
Refunds, Obtain motor vehicle related refunds
(651) 296-0118
Customer Service Incident Report, If you believe you received misinformation or an inappropriate referral when contacting DVS Staff, please print and complete the Customer Service Incident Report form (found in the Forms/Documents Tab).
Attorney General's Office, If contact via email, MUST include mailing address. Using the telephone numbers is usually the quickest way to get in touch with this office
(651) 296-3353; Toll Free: 1 (800) 657-3787
Mn/DOT Road Information (24/7), Check Online:
State Patrol, Information
(651) 201-7100
Voter Registration, Secretary of State
1 (877) 600-8683
Metro Impound Lot, Minneapolis
(651) 673-5777
Metro Impound Lot, St. Paul
(651) 292-6005