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Grant Manual

ECN is in the process of publishing its first Grant Manual. The manual incorporates guidance from both state and federal resources and is intended to be a useful resouce for grantees receiving any grant administered by ECN using 9-1-1 Special Revenue Funds. 

ECN presented on the draft Grant Manual and grants management policy and procedure at the Q4 Regional Stakeholder Meeting on October 24, 2022. It summarizes the grant manual as well as important background policies that informed the manual's creation and recommendations. It is available below.

The Draft Manual was made available for review and comment in October 2022. This document will then be finalized and published in early-2023. Please reach out to Rebeccah Roberts ( to review or comment on the Draft Manual.

Q4 2022 RSEM Presentation - FINAL - 2022-10-24.pdf

Current Grant Programs​​​

SECB G​ran​​t Program 

In partnership with DPS-ECN, the Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) provides grant funding to support activities related to the development of emergency communications capabilities within the state’s seven Emergency Communications Board (ECB) and Emergency Services Board (ESB) regions.

Under Minnesota State Statute 403.36 (1g)(4), the SECB has been granted the authority to ‘advise the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety on public safety communications interoperability and on the allocation and use of funds made available to Minnesota to support public safety communications interoperability’.  Under this authority, the SECB Finance Committee, the SECB Grants Workgroup, and MN DPS-ECN have been tasked with identifying suitable grant funded projects for SECB approval.

  • Current SECB Grant Program Investment Hierarchy (click here​​​)

SH​​S​​P Gr​​ant Program

The State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) is a federally funded grant program intended to support state, local, tribal, and territorial efforts to build, sustain, and deliver the capabilities necessary to prevent, prepare for, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Homeland Security & Emergency Management Division (DPS-HSEM) is the designated recipient of federal SHSP grant funding.  A portion of the available funding is a​warded to DPS-ECN to support statewide planning, training, exercise, and equipment projects related to building and sustaining emergency communication capabilities.

There is currently no SHSP grant funding available in the form of sub-grant programs from ECN in calendar years 2020-2023.

​​Past Grant Programs​

Federa​​​l NG911 Grant Award

DPS-ECN received over $1.5 million in federal funds matched with $1.5 million in state funds as part of the Federal NG911 Grant Program from 2019-2022. The grant closed in March 2022. An overview of the F​​ederal NG911 Grant Award to the State of Minnesota is available h​​ere. ​

T-CP​​​R Grant Training Program

DPS-ECN received approximately $306,000 in T-CPR Training Grant Program funding available to reimburse eligible Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for training expenses related to achieving compliance with SECB Standard 911-3 (Telephone CPR Statewide Operational Standard) and the Telephone Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (T-CPR) provisions of Minnesota State Statute 403.03 (911 Services To Be Provided). The program ran from Februrary to July 2021. An overview of the program is provided here: ​​T-CPR Training Grant Program Overview

Requ​​​ired Forms

In ​order to improve upon the grant process and provide a clearer guidance mechanism for the individuals and organizations that DPS-ECN provides services to our department has created the following forms to be utilized at different stages of the grant process.

Addition​​al Information

The information in the following links is essential to properly ​​​completing the grant process.  Understanding these documents will assist you in answering the majority of your questions.

Further Infor​​mation 

For questions regarding ECN grants, please contact Rebeccah Roberts at​

To access the Departm​​​ent of Public Safety grant management system, visit the Department of Public Safety e-grants.