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Substances That Impair

​Many substances, including prescription medications and illegal drugs, can affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle. The drugs listed below are some known to affect a driver's reaction time, ability to pay attention, coordination, perception, motor skills, and equilibrium.
It is important to understand that even the drugs a doctor has prescribed to you, may affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle and put you at risk for a DWI.  Knowing what your prescription is and the effects on your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely is important before you decide to get in the driver's seat.
It is important to note that not every person reacts the same or has similar effects from different types of substances. The factors that play a role in how a person reacts are body weight, tolerance, metabolism, mixture of drugs, and more.
Understanding that using a mixture of substances can react differently and cause more of a impairment and can be deadly is some cases.
Use the list as a reference but always consult your doctor/physician about how prescribed or over-the-counter medications can affect  your ability to operate a motor vehicle.
 Prescription Drugs:                                                                        Illicit Drugs:
- Fentanyl                                                                                     - Marijuana
- Hydrocodone                                                                            - Cocaine
- Oxycodone                                                                                 - Heroin
- Oxymorphone                                                                            - Inhalants
- Propoxyphene                                                                           - Hallucinogens
- Diazepam                                                                                   - MDMA
- Hydromorphone                                                                        - Methamphetamines
                                           See an expanded list of substances here.