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Support Positions

Office and Administrative Support (OAS) Specialists provide confidential, administrative support to Minnesota State Patrol Troopers at our 11 District Offices, Training and Development Section, Central Office (Headquarters) and various specialty units across the state.

Examples of Work

  • Responds orally and in writing to routine/general inquires based on knowledge of previous
    situations and often using established formats.
  • Types and edits materials using knowledge of procedures to determine the proper format,
    questions the author if something is obviously missing or is incorrect. This may require
    knowledge of specialized terminology.
  • Assemble and send application materials, attachments and other forms based knowledge of
    standard procedures.
  • Codes, records, matches, posts, tallies, verifies and corrects data in order to maintain accurate
    financial and accounting records, administrative records and mailing lists.
  • Maintains automated and manual record systems for production, personnel and/or budget
  • Collects and exchanges information and responds to questions from internal custome
Note: A position may not include all the work examples given, nor does the list include all that may be assigned.

How to Apply

When office and administrative support positions are available, they will be posted in the Minnesota online system to apply for state jobs. Learn more about how to apply for state jobs.