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Law Enforcement Training Opportunity (LETO)


The Minnesota State Patrol LETO Program is designed for candidates with no previous law enforcement experience. MSP will provide LETO candidates with the educational requirements necessary to take the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) exam, which is required to become a licensed peace officer.
The ideal candidate's character will align with the State Patrol's core values of respect, integrity, courage, honor, and excellence. It is an important goal of the Minnesota State Patrol's to recruit and hire a diverse group of candidates to serve the citizens of the state of Minnesota through assistance, education, and enforcement.
The LETO Program consists of 26 weeks of classroom and practical training at:
Rasmussen Campus
3500 Federal Drive
Eagan, MN 55122
Upon completion of the LETO program, trooper trainees will attend the 17 week Minnesota State Patrol Trooper Training Academy at Camp Ripley along with all traditional applicant trooper trainees.

Position Description

Duties of a State Patrol trooper include the following:

  • Patrol state highways, promote safety, direct traffic, and investigate crashes.
  • Enforce traffic laws, arrest offenders, and appear as a court witness.
  • Provide routine and emergency assistance to the motoring public, including administering first aid to the injured.
  • Cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in the pursuit and apprehension of violators of
    criminal laws.
  • Uphold the State Patrol core values of respect, integrity, courage and honor.
  • Uphold the Mission Statement of the State Patrol to protect and serve, provide support, and
    provide for the state.
  • Uphold the Minnesota State Patrol vision – The MSP is a progressive law enforcement agency providing superior.
    service to Minnesota’s residents, visitors, and allied agencies. The MSP strives for excellence in all that they do through the development of forward thinking leadership, technology, innovation and a quality workforce.

The LETO program is for applicants who have an Associate's Degree or higher, in any discipline, from a regionally accredited college or university and want to become a State Trooper.

*Verify your school's regional accreditation here or check with the registrar's office at your school.



Tuition for the LETO Program is paid for by the Minnesota State Patrol. Trooper trainees will be paid 80% of the base salary of a State Trooper while in the program. The current base annual salary is $57,858 or $27.71/hour.


Automatic Disqualifiers

Please review this information carefully. You must meet the minimum selection standards before being appointed to a trooper position under Minnesota Statute 6700.0700. Conviction under specific Minnesota Statutes (including juvenile convictions tried as an adult) will make you ineligible under Minnesota State Patrol selection standards.

Online Personality Assessment

After you complete the online application, you will be provided with directions on how to complete the online personality assessment. The online assessment is completed on your own via your own computer. You will be provided instructions and a timeframe you must complete the online assessment by. If you do not complete the online assessment by the assigned date, you will be disqualified from the hiring process. Because this is a personality assessment, there is nothing you need to do to prepare in advance.


Physical Readiness Standards

Testing will be conducted on the Concept2 Rower at the 60 percentile according to a person's age, gender and weight. Applicants must row 2000 meters, scoring at or above the minimum 60 percentile on their test in order to continue in the application process. The 2000 meter test takes place at the level 5 or damper setting 5 on the flywheel. Those that do not pass the entrance physical readiness test on the Concept2 Rower at the minimum requirement will not continue with the hiring process for the Minnesota State Patrol. 
Click here to determine the maximum amount of time you will have to successfully pass the physical readiness test.


Contact Sgt. David Rock at 651-757-1921 or