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Take it from Tesa: It’s great to be a trooper

May 8, 2017

State Trooper Tesa McLeod
​Photo: Trooper Tesa McLeod loves the freedom of the State Patrol, which is accepting applications through May 26.

You could say this isn’t Trooper Tesa McLeod’s first rodeo. In fact, she was already in her 30s when she was hired by the Minnesota State Patrol. She believes that the unique skill she brings to her work isn’t so much as a skill as a depth of knowledge about life in general: “I feel, because of my age, I bring years of life experience to my day-to-day work.”

And to be sure, Trp. McLeod’s day-to-day work isn’t easy: She spends her days providing assistance, education and enforcement to those on Minnesota’s roadways, as well as working with other law enforcement agencies and first responders to keep Minnesotans safe. But the fact is, it’s worth it. Trp. McLeod’s “desk” is a patrol car, and her favorite part of her job is “the freedom I have at work, choosing where to patrol and what to do every day.”

It’s not just the freedom Trp. McLeod loves about her job. It also allows her lots of possibilities for growth: “The State Patrol is a great place to work because of the opportunities we have within the agency for training, advancement and placement all over the state.”

Could there possibly be more to love about working for the Minnesota State Patrol? As a matter of fact, yes. When asked what made her decide to apply for a career with the State Patrol, Trp. MacLeod replied, “I became very interested in the Patrol after learning that the retirement package, wages and benefits are all exceptional compared to other agencies.”

If Trp. McLeod has made you want to come work with her, you’re not alone: Men and women from all backgrounds and all parts of the state have applied. 

So if you have a two- or four-year college degree, consider applying to become a Minnesota state trooper. You don’t even need any law enforcement experience. The State Patrol is accepting applications through May 26, and you can learn more at

And take it from Tesa: It’s great to be a trooper.