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Three lanes of packed highway trafficTraveling this summer? Don’t forget your safe driving choices

June 27

Despite all the rain, summer has officially arrived in Minnesota. As you head to parks, lakes, pools, festivals and all kinds of outdoor fun, don’t forget to “pack” your safe driving choices. The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day have a dangerous reputation on the road ...

​​Ham radio tower in the skyAmateur radio operators serve vital role in their communities

June 24

For amateur radio operators, known as hams, radio communications isn’t just a hobby: It’s a way to serve their community. There are 11,000 federally licensed hams in Minnesota. The amateur radio operators have chipped in to help during emergencies, volunteered during events ...​

DVS customers take examsDVS sees jump in service numbers as more people get driver’s licenses

June 20

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone. After months of practice and study, you finally get to a licensing exam station, you pass your written test, take a drive with an examiner, and, if all goes well, you’ll pass and wait to get your first license in the mail. For many, it’s a special moment ...​​

 Floodwaters cover a road in rural MinnesotaKnow what to do if flash flooding hits your area

June 17

With all the rain Minnesota has seen this year, flooding is a real possibility in much of our state this week. The National Weather Service Twin Cities is warning of flooding along Minnesota rivers and thunderstorms that could bring flash flooding to many of us. Rainfall totals are expected to range from 3 to 6 inches, with isolated amounts up to 10 inches ...​

Woman pins new badge on trooperDriven to serve: Jeremy Geiger named State Patrol’s lieutenant colonel

June 13

A lot of things have kept Lt. Col. Jeremy Geiger going throughout his decades in the Minnesota State Patrol: the support of his family, the camaraderie between troopers and the chance to make a difference in the lives of Minnesotans ...

Firepro sprinkler systemSprinklers help save lives at Meadowlands assisted living facility

June 10

It was just before 5 in the morning on May 1 when an air exchange unit malfunction caused a fire at an assisted living facility in Meadowlands, Minn. Thankfully, the building had a fire sprinkler system, which activated and alerted both staff members and residents to the problem ...​

Police officers jump rope with kidsNew grants to address critical shortage of law enforcement officers

June 6

As staffing shortages at law enforcement agencies across Minnesota are reaching critical levels, more and more agencies are looking to non-traditional job candidates — for example, those who have a career in another field and are looking to switch — to serve their communities ...

​​​​​BCA superintendent at podium​Violent Crime Reduction Unit builds on successes to keep you safe

June 4

Crime doesn't respect jurisdictions. That's why our Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is taking a holistic approach to reducing violent crime statewide using the new Violent Crime Reduction Unit (VCRU). The VCRU builds on the successes of previous BCA initiatives ...​


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