Schedule your teen’s spring break road test now

Dec. 16, 2019

Report for Road Test sign with a driver exam station building in the background

With snow on the ground and holiday lights twinkling, it seems an odd time to be thinking about spring break. But your teen may be hoping to get their driver’s license at that point – as will many of their peers across the state. That could make the lines longer and the road test appointments harder to come by. Best to start planning now.

You can now schedule your teen’s road test online or up to six months in advance. If you schedule it now, you’re much more likely to get a time slot that’s workable for your family.

If you book an appointment you’re eventually unable to keep, please cancel it online or call. That way, your appointment can go to someone who needs it. Try to give DVS at least three days’ notice if you have to cancel, so that they can make your spot available to someone else.

Next, make sure you’re prepared. Booking now will give your teen plenty of time to get their practice hours in and study the Minnesota Driver’s Manual.

Once your teen’s driver test appointment finally rolls around, you’ll need to make sure you bring along everything you’ll need. The Driver’s Manual has a list of the documents you’ll need to bring with you. Make sure your teen’s practice hours are recorded in their driving log, and don’t forget to bring that along to the test as well.

So while you’re snuggled up under a blanket by the fire, you may well be dreaming of spring break. Take that opportunity to pull out your phone or other device and schedule your teen’s driving test. It will be the easiest holiday gift you give!