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What Documents Are Required for IRP Registration?

First time (original) IRP registration applicants must provide the following information:

  • USDOT Number (person responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle). The Federal Motor Carrier MCS-150 must be updated during the 12 months before the first day of the renewal period.

  • Taxpayer ID Number (FEIN).

  • Documentation verifying the Minnesota business address.

  • Individuals must report their Minnesota driver license number.

  • Proof of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment for all vehicles over 54,999 lbs. (G/CGW) that qualified for operation in any jurisdiction.

  • Power of Attorney paperwork for applicants represented by a paid registration service agent for IRP registration purposes.

​What Constitutes the “Established Place of Business”?

“Established place of business” means a physical structure owned, leased or rented by the IRP registrant. The location of the physical structure must be designated by a street number or road location, open for business during normal business hours, and has:

  • One or more telephone numbers publicly listed in the name of the fleet registrant. The applicant or registrant does not need a landline telephone service at the physical structure.

  • One or more employees conducting the business of the registrant (not a registration service).

  • The fleet Operational records. These must be available if requested.

Rental of a desk or desk space in a structure that is not owned, leased, or rented by the registrant does not constitute a valid place of business for purposes of IRP registration qualification.

The established place of business cannot be the address of a registration service agent.

The established place of business for owner/operators may be their home address.

Registrants who meet any of the criteria for the definition of a Minnesota Base State under Minnesota Commercial Truck and Passenger Regulations Section 2 (pg.12) normally must declare Minnesota as their IRP base jurisdiction.

MN Truck Book - Commercial Vehicle Operations - MnDOT (state.mn.us)​​​​

How Is the IRP Base Jurisdiction Defined?

The Base Jurisdiction means the jurisdiction where the registrant has an “established place of business.” It must be a physical location from which mileage is accrued by the fleet and where fleet operational records are maintained or available for inspection.