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Current Status

The ARMER radio system first became operational in the Twin Cities in 2002 and started expansion into greater Minnesota in 2004.  A project of this magnitude did not get funded, nor built, overnight.  The following links will provide you a snapshot of the current status of the ARMER system.

ARMER Project Status Report

The ARMER Project Status Report is produced monthly by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and summarizes items including recent accomplishments, the construction budget, milestones, and ongoing work.

ARMER Sites Map

The ARMER Sites Map is produced monthly by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and identifies each ARMER tower and its current build status.

ARMER Participation Map by County

To participate on ARMER an entity needs a Participation Plan.  The below map identifies the current status of each of Minnesota’s counties based on the type of Participation Plan it has filed with the Statewide Emergency Communications Board. 
Actual use of ARMER may be different from “planned” use as transitioning from a legacy radio system to ARMER takes time.  The below maps indicate when a majority of radio users in the Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Emergency Medical Services disciplines have transitioned to ARMER. 

Approved ARMER Equipment

The Approved ARMER Equipment list identifies radios approved by the Statewide Emergency Communications Board for use on the ARMER system.  Click below to view the Approved ARMER Equipment list.  Note: there is more than one page and columns may be filtered and/or sorted.

Approved ARMER Equipment