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2014 Flood Recovery

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is activated at Level IV (monitoring). HSEM staff members are coordinating statewide recovery efforts from the June flooding.

News and Information

News releases and fact sheets that provide details on statewide flood recovery efforts.
Hennepin and Ramsey Counties Added to Federal Disaster Declaration
Governor Mark Dayton has secured the addition of two counties to the presidential disaster declaration originally received July 21. The addition of Hennepin and Ramsey counties means 37 counties and three tribal governments will receive federal and state assistance to recover from damages to public infrastructure caused by severe storms, mudslides and flooding June 11-July 11.  Dakota County is still assessing its damages. Read the full news release about the additional counties.
Three Counties And One Tribal Government Added To Federal Disaster Declaration
ST. PAUL – Governor Mark Dayton has secured the addition of three counties and one tribal government to the presidential disaster declaration originally received July 21. This  addition means  35 counties and three tribal governments will receive federal and state assistance to recover from damages to public infrastructure caused by severe storms, mudslides and flooding June 11-July 11. Read the news release here.
Minnesota Receives Additional $5 Million in Federal Highway Funds Following Statewide Flooding
ST. PAUL, MN – Responding to statewide flooding earlier this summer, the Federal Highway Administration has allocated an additional $5 million in emergency funds to help cover the costs of emergency repairs to Minnesota roads and bridges.
This new aid is an addition to the $5 million in emergency repair funds Minnesota received in June and July. In total, the State of Minnesota has secured $10 million from the Federal Highway Administration for road and bridge fixes. The Minnesota Department of Transportation will make these funds available to local agencies to assist with cash flow, and to help expedite local flood-related road repairs.
RFA expands offer of zero-interest loans for farmers in flood disaster counties
The Minnesota Rural Finance Authority (RFA) is expanding the eligibility of its zero percent interest rate Disaster Loan program. The loans are now available in 32 counties to help farmers cover the costs to repair and replace items not covered by insurance from flooding that occurred in early July. Read the full release here.
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Disaster Recovery and Assistance

HSEM has a team of experts that help communities recover from disaster. These experts help Minnesotans determine if their town qualifies for state and federal disaster money or, in some cases, financial assistance for individuals.

Minnesota Housing Finance Authority (MHFA)

MHFA 2014 Flood Recovery Information

  • Rental Housing Vacancies in the affected areas: Renters who have been displaced by the flooding can find information on affordable rental housing vacancies nearby at
  • Financial Assistance for damaged homes: Minnesota Housing provides loans up to $70,000 if your home or rental property was damaged in the June floods.
    • Community Fix Up flood loans can provide up to $50,000 in repair funding if you have qualifying credit.
    • For those who do not qualify for a Community Fix Up loan, or for those who have flood repair needs beyond what is covered by the Community Fix Up loan, the Quick Start Disaster Recovery Program can provide additional assistance up to $20,000. Learn more about both programs here.
    • MHFA will work with organizations that are able to make both types of loans to conduct outreach and process the loans so that flood victims will not have to go to multiple lenders.
    • The interest rate on a home improvement loan will be subsidized to bring it down to 3%.
    • The application deadline for both programs is October 24, 2014.

 Minnesota Dept of Revenue

Agriculture Information

Rock County Receives USDA Disaster Declaration Following Flooding
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) designated Rock County, Minnesota, as a primary natural disaster area. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack made the declaration in a letter to Governor Mark Dayton this morning, noting that based on the Department’s Loss Assessment Report, recent flooding caused “sufficient production losses to warrant a Secretarial natural disaster declaration.” Read more about this disaster declaration.

Homeowner and Renter Information

If you are a homeowner or renter looking for flood clean-up and recovery information, please check these resources for helpful information.
Remember: If your home or business has received significant damages from flooding or any natural disaster be sure to report it to your local county or city emergency management office as soon as possible.

Business Owner Information

If you are a business owner who received flood damages or was indirectly impacted by the floods (loss of business) you should complete the DEED 2014 Floods Disaster Impact Survey by August 15. 

Situation Reports

The situation reports provide background information and a status update on the current situation with flood recovery efforts.


View a series of photos that show flood damage and recovery activities.