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Deadly Shooting Puts Focus on School Safety

Randy Johnson gives interview on school safety
Minnesota school safety protocols
are taking center stage following the deadly shooting at a high school in Florida. The Minnesota School Safety Center (MnSSC) conducts an average of 200 training sessions at districts around the state every year. From public, to private, to charter, and tribal schools, the MnSSC meets with administrators, educators and first responders to advise schools on a 360-degree, multifaceted approach to school safety. This includes providing recommendations for:

  • School safety assessments.
  • Threat assessments, which identify behavioral clues and red flags.
  • Violent intruder response.
  • Access controls, which scrutinize the a schools access points.
  • De-escalation strategies for threats.
In addition, the MnSSC provides guidance to districts when developing their emergency operations plans, which are required by state law. Schools must also conduct five lockdown drills, five fire drills and one severe weather drill per year.


Alexandria Schools Embrace Safety Training

​​Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time-- whether you’re at home, work or school. That’s why Alexandria Public Schools is highlighting its security best practices as it strives to keep students safe. The district worked with HSEM’s Minnesota School Safety Center (MnSSC) to review its emergency operations plan and train on new procedures and policies.

It includes items, including, but not limited to:

  • Securing entry and exit points.
  • Utilizing security cameras.
  • Practice drills for students and staff.
  • Deploying School Resource Officers.    
The MnSSC offers several training opportunities to schools across the state. From safe school assessments, to training School Resource Officers, to assessing potential threats, MnSSC staff walk participants through planning, policy and prevention techniques in an effort to make Minnesota schools a safe place for all students, their families and staff.