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Safe School Self-Assessment

What is a safe school assessment?

A safe school assessment is a tool used to identify and evaluate potential hazards and risks in a school’s physical environment. The process of doing a safe school assessment creates opportunities to reduce or eliminate potential hazards and develop recommendations for improvement. Schools use data gathered from safe school assessments to address areas of greatest risk or vulnerability in their emergency plans.


Safe school self-assessment checklist

The Minnesota School Safety Center has created a safe school self-assessment checklist for schools to use when conducting their own assessments. While not intended to be prescriptive, this self-assessment is designed to assist schools with evaluating their facilities for strengths and areas of vulnerability. Not all assessment measures will apply to any one school. Items in the assessment that are not present in a particular school building can be eliminated for that building’s assessment.  A report with recommendations for improvement should be generated to guide corrective actions.

Download a copy of the Safe School Self-Assessment Checklist