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Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Specialized Investigative Services

Abduction/Missing Persons - BCA provides assistance to local agencies investigating abduction and missing persons cases. Assistance is also provided through the BCA's Minnesota Missing and Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse, the Amber Alert system and the Crime Alert Network.
Cold Case Assistance - BCA agents stationed all over Minnesota assist local agencies investigating cold case homicides. Additional attention is also brought to many of these cases through the Cold Case Playing Card Initiative and Spotlight on Crime.
Crime Scene Investigations - BCA agents and scientists assist local agencies by processing and analyzing complex crime scenes.
Death Investigations - The BCA provides investigative assistance in death investigations upon request by a local law enforcement agency. This service is requested most frequently by agencies without the resources to conduct an investigation of this scale.
Drug Investigations - BCA agents throughout the state investigate mid- to upper-level drug traffickers. Agents work closely with local task forces and federal partners. 
​Human Trafficking Investigations - BCA agents investigate incidents of human trafficking throughout the state. Agents work closely with local and federal partners.
Predatory Offender Investigations - The BCA assists local agencies with investigating sexual assaults and tracking and prosecuting predatory offenders who do not comply with court-mandated predatory offender registration. The BCA also maintains a list of offenders who are not compliant with registry requirements.
Technical Support/Special Operations  - BCA agents provide assistance to local law enforcement throughout the state in camera/video installs and other technical support as needed in an investigation.

Use-of-Force and Conflict Investigations – BCA agents in a separate Force Investigations Unit investigate incidents when a peace officer uses deadly force and a person dies or is seriously injured, when a sexual assault is alleged involving a peace officer, and other​ cases that present a real or perceived conflict of interest for a law enforcement agency. This unit also investigates allegations of sexual assault involving two members of the Minnesota National Guard.​