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Emergency Manager Resources

Local and Community Disaster Recovery Resources 

The information in this section provides, instructions, forms, fact sheets, documents, links and other resources that emergency managers may need in the performance of their duties.  This includes, but is not limited to resources from HSEM, FEMA or other agencies about emergency planning, preparedness, training, emergency response and disaster recovery. 
This information is continually updated as new resources become available.

State Disaster Assistance Program

The State Public Assistance Program is designed to assist local communities that do not qualify for federal assistance, to repair and replace damaged or destroyed infrastructure like roads, bridges and government buildings.

Department of Commerce

Recovering from a disaster usually begins by filing insurance claims, working with adjusters, and hiring contractors.  It is critical for victims to start this process as soon as possible after a disaster in order for local emergency managers to assess the extent of unmet needs in the community.  All other forms of assistance, including federal, state, non-profit and voluntary normally require insurance claims be filed before any assistance is offered.
The Minnesota Department of Commerce offers a Disaster Information Packet for individuals, homeowners and businesses to help guide them through the insurance and rebuilding process.

Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

DEED manages a variety of business development, assistance and recovery programs as well as worker assistance and job training programs to eligible individuals whose unemployment results from a disaster.  Some of the appropriate assistance programs include:
  • Minnesota Investment Fund
  • Small Business Development Centers
  • Temporary Workforce Centers
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
  • Small Cities Development Program (SCDP)
  • MN Public Facilities Authority (PFA)
In addition, DEED will also administer federal disaster recovery programs including National Emergency Grants (NEG) which can provide temporary work for displaced workers and the federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) program which can provide assistance to workers not covered by standard state assistance. Read more on the DEED programs fact sheet:


Or for more information, visit the DEED Programs Website.

Disaster Recovery Process Webinar

The HSEM Disaster Recovery branch hosted several webinars for local emergency managers and officials about the disaster assessment and recovery processes. Although this was created for the 2014 summer flooding, the webinar clearly explains how the disaster recovery process works in Minnesota and how HSEM works with local governments to respond and recover from these events. 

View a recording of the webinar here.

View the PowerPoint presentation used in the webinar here.

HSEM Debris Management Plan Guidebook

Debris removal is one of the first critical recovery activities following a disaster. The HSEM Debris Management Guidebook​ provides step-by-step instructions to communities on how to develop an effective debris management plan that is right for the community. 
Topics include:
  • Staff roles and Responsibilities
  • Debris Collection Strategy
  • Debris Estimating
  • Debris Management Site
  • Contracted Services
  • Debris Removal on Private Property
  • Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Communications

MPCA Debris Management Tool Box

Cleanup and recovery from a natural disaster depends on local units of government to guide and direct residents to ensure the effective and efficient disposal of wastes in accordance with statutes, rules, and guidelines.  The MPCA provides information on the various aspects of this process including:.
  • Debris management and public information
  • Debris disposal
  • Building demolition
  • Flooded wastewater-treatment facilities
  • Tank management
  • Emergency construction
  • Other resources


Emergency Management Director’s Handbook (EMDH) and 2015 MNWALK

The HSEM Emergency Management Director's Handbook is an online document that links to essential information for Minnesota emergency managers; it replaces the printed handbook. We will update and add resources often.