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Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety


Steps Your Agency Can Take to Prevent and Reduce Suspense

  • Answer the questions on this self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate your agency's current processes. Use forms, tools, sample processes, and other information to simplify and improve your processes.
  • Monitor your agency's incoming suspense.
  • Promote implementation of policies and procedures which optimize use of Livescan devices and manage compliance with Minnesota statutes.
  • Form a suspense steering committee and work with other agencies to address fingerprint and data entry issues and refine processes for managing data integrity and consistency.
  • Sign up for MNJIS Connection newsletter to receive quarterly tips for reducing suspense.
  • Understand the criminal justice partner suspense prevention and resolution responsibilities.

Tools for Managing Suspense

Criminal History System (CHS) - allows an agency to edit data it has submitted to the BCA's criminal history repository.
Livescan Message Enhancement (LME) - provides web-based view of all messages directed to an agency's Livescan devices, helps agencies manage bookings, thereby reducing files going into suspense.