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Driver's License Forms

​​PS33100 Application for a Driver's License or Identification Card​
​​Application for a Driver's License Fee Refund​
PS33030 Application for Limited License for Child Support Suspension

​Autism Spectrum - Mental Health - Emergency/Caretaker Contacts form​​
PS33210 Certificate of Translation form
​​​PS32005 Crash Victims Memorial Wall – Participation Release
​​​Customer Service Incident Report
​​PS30188 Farm Work license form
PS35016 Insurance Certification form
PS31083 Last Use Statement (03/2021)

List of Approved Translation​ Vendors​

​​License for Medical Reason Exemption form​
D4 Ophthalmologist Examination Report
​​PS33160 Petition for a Variance form - No ID or Residency Documents
​​PS30371 Petition for a Variance form - Religious Conflict with DL/ID Requirements

​​​Petition for a Variance form - Homeboun​d Photo Variance​

PS33202​DL Driver's License Private Data Request form​​
​​PS31091 Rehabilitation Requirements
​​PS31122 ​​Request for Administrative Review Form (Implied Consent Cancelation or Revocation)
PS31924 Request for Examination of Driver
PS2122 Restriction Removal
​​PS31086 Special Review Awareness (01/2021)
PS33160 Status Check Information
PS31015 Loss of Consciousness or Voluntary Control Waiver
PS31300 Victim of Identity Theft form
PS30338 Vision Report (Visual Acuity)
​PS33061A Voluntary Surrender of Driving Privileges​
​​PS33061B Withdrawal of Parental Consent (05/2021)

Commercial Driver's License Forms

​FMCSA Form MCSA-5871 (Vision Evaluation Form)
Application for Military S​kills Test Waiver​ (FMCSA website)
​PS33203 Commercial Driver's License Medical Self-Certification Form (03/2021)
​​PS30307 Commercial Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist
​​ ​​Medical Examiner's Certificate (Read more about this form)

Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness

(Read more about this form)

PS30372 Notification of Conviction in another State or Jurisdiction by Commercial Driver(03/2021)
PS30060 Seasonal Farm CDL Waiver (03/2023)
​Request for Removal Lifetime Disqualification (03/2021)

School Bus  and Type III School Bus Medical Waivers


Driver's License Documents

​​Driver's License Suspension and Revocat​ion Report​
Customer Service Incident Report
Expedited Service (Fast Track) - Just the Facts
Family of Deceased - Just the Facts
Full Face Photo Example for Driver's License or Identification Card
Identification Requirements (English) (08/2021)
​​Medical Conditions and Your License - Just the Facts
Military Motorcycle Endorsement - Just the Facts
​​New Minnesota Resident - Just the Facts
Same Day Issue Standard Driver's License/ID - Just the Facts​​
Adding Restrictions to Your Driver's License - Just the Facts

Requisitos de Identificacion

Commercial Driver's License Documents

CDL Medical Self-Certification FAQs (04/2021)​
CDL Medical Self-Certification Information Sheet (04/2021)​
CDL HazMat En​dorsement Information Guide (03/2021)
Public Notice of Title VI Program Rights
​​Title VI Program Compliance Plan​​


Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA)


BASIC Fact Sheets

(Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category)

Controlled Substance/Alcohol
Crash Indicator
Driver Fitness
Fatigued Driving
​​​Vehicle Maintenance

Teen Drivers

​​New Teen Driver Laws
Parental Involvement Resources
Teens Behind the Wheel – A Road Map for Parents
​​Teen Driver Contract
Teen Drivers Flyer
Teen Driver Instruction Permit FAQ
​​Teens What’s the Big Deal?
Tests Checklists
​​Under 18 Traffic Law - Graduated License Program
Vanessa’s Law Letter

Verification Check Program Documents