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Driver's License Agent Credit Cards

Credit Card Acceptance for Driver’s License Agents

Proposed Exempt Permanent Rules Governing Driver’s License Agents

Minnesota Rules, Parts 7404.0100, 7404.0400, 7404.0450, and 7404.0500
Summary: The proposed amendments to 7404.0100, 7404.0400, 7404.0450, and 7404.0500 incorporate a new definition, update reporting and depositing procedures, specify certain technical requirements, and establish a variance procedure to allow for the acceptance of credit and debit cards by driver’s license agents.
Status of rulemaking: The Department is seeking to amend the rules under the exempt provisions of Minnesota Statutes, section 14.386, pursuant to its grant of rulemaking authority under Laws 2012, ch. 287, art. 4, s. 34. The Department filed the proposed exempt rules and a proposed Order Adopting Rules with the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) on July 20, 2012. Within 14 days of the date of filing, OAH will approve or disapprove the rules as to legality. If approved, the rules would become effective upon publication in the State Register.
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