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Homeland Security and Emergency Management

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Logistics and Resources

Emergency Logistics

When the SEOC is activated, requests for disaster logistical assistance should be made by utilizing the Resource Request/Task Assignment board in WebEOC or by calling the Logistics Section Resource Manager at 651-201-7468.
In the event WebEOC is inoperable, the SEOC Logistics Request Form can be used to augment and document your request for logistical support. Submit the form with as much specific information as possible. The form can then be sent to the SEOC via fax at 651- 215-6884, or emailed to
REMEMBER: Before you grab the phone, “SALTT” your request (Size, Amount, Location, Type of assistance, Time frame). For Example:  If you need emergency generators,  please specify the load, voltage, phasing and amperage, the type of equipment and the connection point. 
Effective response depends on the local, state and federal partners working together to get essential resources to those in need in a timely manner. To be successful,  it is essential to communicate as much clear, accurate and specific information about the need or requirements to the SEOC as possible.