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Emergency Management Certificate Programs

HSEM provides several professional certificate programs called Learning Paths. They are designed for learners who are currently working in Emergency Management or have a role in emergency preparedness. The curriculum for each learning path consists of a combination of FEMA online courses and HSEM training classes and workshops. 
Learners must enroll through the Learning Management System (LMS)

Basic Emergency Management Certificate

This learning path is intended for those who are currently working in Emergency Management or have a role in emergency preparedness. Approval into the certificate program is determined based on an individual’s role in emergency management. 

Basic Emergency Management Certificate Curriculum List
Basic Emergency Management Training Calendar  

Emergency Management Director/Practitioner Qualification

This learning path is specifically designed to enhance the emergency management skills for those who are currently working as Emergency Management Directors. Approval for enrollment in this program is determined by an individual's role in Emergency Management.

Director/Practitioner Qualification Curriculum List
Director/Practitioner Training Calendar 


Course Costs

HSEM pays for all instructor expenses, course materials, and room rental fees for HSEM training. Learners are responsible for all other expenses associated with training.

Professional Credit

Professional certifying bodies such as the Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board provide continuing education credit for some training courses if application for credit is made in advance of the course. Applicants seeking continuing education are responsible for maintaining their own records of training. HSEM training is POST Board approved and POST course numbers are available.
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