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Emergency Management Training Center

Exterior of Emergency Management Training CenterThe Emergency Management Training Center (EMTC) at Camp Ripley is the premier integrated emergency management and homeland security training center in the United States. It provides an environment conducive to facilitate multi-discipline, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional trainings and exercises. The facility is state-of-the-art and designed to build capabilities and capacity that ensure a secure and resilient future for Minnesota.
For more information regarding the EMTC call 651-201-7400 or email


Camp Ripley
15000 Highway 115
Little Falls, MN 56345


This map provides directions once inside the Camp Ripley Main Gate. The Emergency Management Training Center (EMTC) is Building 6-78 on the map and identified with a star. Housing check-in is at the Education Center in the Billeting Office, Building 6-76 on the map, and is circled.
The Billeting Office is open until 11 p.m. Please see the section on ‘Housing’ below for further information. Students need to enter through the Camp Ripley Main Gate and identify themselves as participants in a training/class/meeting at the new Emergency Management Training Center.

Reservation Requests

Reservations requests are being accepted for the EMTC.  All individuals who are attending a course at EMTC will still need to register on the HSEM Training and Registration Tracking System (TRT).



If you are attending an Emergency Management Certification course over one day in length, or other training/meeting sponsored by HSEM and need housing, HSEM will be in touch with participants regarding housing arrangements.  Estimated housing costs vary from $25 to $27 to $30 per night at Camp Ripley, depending on the lodging available.
The Education Center Billeting Office, Building 6-76, is open until 11 p.m.  If you suspect you may arrive later than 11 p.m., you need to call billeting at 320-616-3140. Your key will be left in the front lobby of the Education Center in the lock boxes.  Instructions are posted on how to obtain the key.  A courtesy call to the front desk is appreciated.  There shouldn't be any problem getting through the Main Gate as long as you are a registered guest for that evening.
Although there is not a charge for no-shows, we do ask that you let HSEM know if you will not be using Camp Ripley billeting for your stay so that the room can be made available for others. 


If you have requested use of the EMTC for your own training or meeting purposes, you are responsible for arranging usage of all other required Camp Ripley facilities, including housing or use of the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF).  There is a daily fee associated with usage of the EMTC meeting rooms noted in the list below.  Room style is displayed to show the capacity of the room, not for set-up. Room set-up will be done by the entity requesting to use the room.
Contact James Krousey at  320-616-2708, Fax: 320-632-7702 or to make these arrangements. 


EMTC reservations

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To reserve a room at the EMTC, please fill out the EMTC Reservation form  and send to HSEM will get in touch with you to confirm and/or discuss your reservation request. The primary intent for building usage is for Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the National Guard.
First priority users are emergency management, law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services and the military. We welcome the use by other entities when it does not impact our primary and first priority customers’ usage. To that end, we have a 90-day pre-event window established for any non-emergency management discipline requests.
HSEM EMTC reserves the right to reassign meeting space requests based on needs/priorities. HSEM will make every effort to honor your request. Please refer to the EMTC Usage Guide for more information on the EMTC.
Various room set-up’s include:




Room​ Capacity Theater ​ Capacity Banquet ​ Capacity U-Shape ​ Capacity Classroom ​ Capacity Boardroom ​ Daily Fee/Cost ​ Notes ​
Training 126 A - B​ 90​ 54​ 28​ 40​ 20+ $75
Training 126 C - D​ 90​ 54 28 40​ 20+​ $75
Training 126 A – D​ 180​ 108 NA​ 80 NA​ $150
Breakout 1​ 30​ 16 - 20 16​ 18 - 24 12+​ $30​
Breakout 2​ 30​ 16 - 20​ 16 18 - 24 12+​ $30​
Breakout 3​ 30​ 16 - 20 16​ 18 - 24 12+​ $30​ Breakout Rooms 3 & 4 can be combined​
Breakout 4​ 30​ 16 - 20 16 18 - 24 12+​ $30 Breakout Rooms 3 & 4 can be combined​



Seating Styles


Theater Style   ​​ Banquet Style    ​ U-Shape    ​​ Classroom Style ​ Boardroom Style ​
Theater style seating diagram Banquet style seating diagram U Shaped seating style diagram Classroom style seating diagram Boardroom style seating diagram



 Room Equipment and On-site Extras

  • All Breakout Rooms, Training Rooms and the Conference room come equipped with the following:
    • Ceiling mounted LCD projectors
    • Computer (DVD player) Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
    • Projection Screen
    • 50” Television
    • Whiteboard
    • Podium
    • Microphone system including stationary podium microphone and portable microphone
    • Teaching Chair



  • Microsoft Suite: Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer


Additional Equipment Available on Request

  • Flip Chart, markers, erasers, and cleaner
  • Stapler, tape
  • Rolling Step-Stool
  • SMART Boards

Breaks and Meals

  • A kitchen facility is available to set up for breaks. This room is shared with others using the EMTC facilities.
  • Clients may request to use the EMTC’s coffee pot, but you must bring your own coffee, coffee-cups, cream, sugar, etc.
  • Clients may bring in their own refreshment/lunch and set it up in their room or request an additional room for this purpose.
  • Catering is available. Catering Resources include:
  • You will need to provide the catering vendor with the following:
    • Building name  - EMTC
    • Room Number at the EMTC
  • National Guard dining facilities are a one-block walk from the EMTC; all Camp Ripley guests can use the dining facilities.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the EMTC.


Lodging options include various housing facility options at Camp Ripley (billeting) or off-site lodging options: