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911 Language Line Services


The Minnesota Statewide 911 Program provides on-line language interpretation service to the Minnesota 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The service is available through a contract between the State of Minnesota and Language Line Services, the current vendor.

Language Line Services handled more than 5,000 calls for Minnesota PSAPs in 2012 in thirty nine languages, with an average connect time to an interpreter being less than eleven seconds.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I access Language Line Services?

PSAPs can access this service for language interpretation for non English speaking 911 callers by using three way calling to a dedicated  1-888 telephone number.   This private dedicated number is typically a pre-programmed conference feature button on the 911 dispatcher telephone console. 

Who pays for Language Line Services?

The State of Minnesota 911 Program pays for the PSAP use of Language Line services for non English speaking 911 callers from funds collected through the statewide 911 fee.

Special information for Minnesota 911 PSAP Managers

The dedicated 1-888 number must not be shared by PSAP staff to any other public safety entities. This number is ONLY For 911 emergency calls to connect the non English speaking 911 caller and the dispatcher to an interpreter. 

Are non-emergency interpretation services available? 

Public safety community and other governmental agencies have need for interpretation services for non-emergency events such as witness interviews, arraignments, diagnosis of medical problems, etc.  If your agency is interested in opening an account with Language Line Services for non-emergency interpretation services, contact the State of Minnesota MN.iT customer services center at (651) 297-1111 (option 4, then option 2) or email

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