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No Records Found Report

Minnesota Administrative Rules 7580.0660, Subpart 11 are the 911 operational requirements for accuracy of records in the 911 Automatic Location Identification (ALI) database allowing no more than .05 percent of calls that generate a no record found (NRF)  from wire-line telecommunications service provider customers during any calendar year.  NRF calls are generated when a wire-line 911 call is placed into the network without an accurate 911 ALI database record and might not be answered by the appropriate 911 Public Safety Answering Point.

The Department of Public Safety statewide 911 Program, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board, established a process for the wire-line telecommunications service providers to request consideration of an adjustment to their NRF report that exceeds the .05 percent NRF rule.  Providers with customers in counties using Qwest as their 911 Service Provider receive monthly no record found reports from Qwest including a detailed report that provides the customer telephone numbers that generated the NRF calls.

Request for Adjustment of 911 Database Report Results INSTRUCTIONS

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