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Victim Notification


Inmate Information and Release Notification


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In Minnesota, victims of violent crime have a right to be notified of the pretrial release of an offender from a jail or detention facility. Although this notification takes place without a request by the victim, victims are encouraged to use the VINE system to ensure prompt, reliable notification.

The VINE program allows victims of any crime, as well as interested parties, to be notified of the release of an offender both before and after conviction.  > More on VINE 


Minnesota VINE


After a Conviction

Following a conviction, crime victims will be notified of release of an incarcerated offender only if they have made a request to the jail or Department of Corrections (DOC) facility.

To make a request to be notified about an offender’s release from a county jail following the conviction of the offender, contact the facility directly to find out about its process for making the request. Victims can also request to receive a release notification through the VINE.  > More on VINE.

Minnesota VINE


To make a request to be notified about an offender’s release from a DOC facility (prison), use Minnesota CHOICE or contact the DOC Victim Assistance Program.  > More on Minnesota CHOICE

Minnesota CHOICE



In certain circumstances, an offender convicted in Minnesota and on probation or parole can have his or her supervision transferred to another state under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. To find out if an offender's supervision has been transferred, go to the public web portal for the Interstate Compact.