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Office of Justice Programs

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

If you are a crime victim, help is available.

​​The Office of Justice Programs administers grants; works to protect crime victims’ rights; and provides reimbursements to victims of violent crime. 

Financial Assistance

​Victims of violent crimes may qualify for reimbursements​ of certain expenses.under the Minnesota Crime Victims Reimbursement Program:

Victims may also seek assistance from:
    Finding Help

    Click here to find a victim service provider and other resources in Minnesota.

    Crime Victim Rights   

    Victims in Minnesota have statutory rights regarding notification, participation, compensation, and protection.
    Victims who feel their crime victim rights have been violated or they have been mistreated by a member or entity of the criminal justice system can contact the Crime Victim Justice Unit.

    Crime Victim Brochures 

    Crime Victim Rights                  Coping with Victimization
    Juvenile Court Process              Restitution   
    Tips on Testifying                      Post Conviction Issues

    Sexual Assault Victims: Your Rights and Resources                            
    Brochures in other languages are listed on the Professional Resources page and the Spanish, Somali, and Hmong Help for Crime Victim pages.

    Other Helpful Publications 

    Contact Office of Justice Programs 

    Financial assistance to victims of violent crime
    651-201-7300 or 888-622-8799, dps.justiceprograms@state.mn.us

    Crime Victim Justice Unit
    Information and referral; crime victim rights information and complaints
    651-201-7310 or 800-247-0390, cvju.ojp@state.mn.us
    Click here to find a victim service provider and other resources for victims in Minnesota