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Fire Service Specialists


Fire service specialists are a liaison between the SFMD and Minnesota Fire Departments. They also provide assistance as requested by fire department officials across Minnesota.


What they do

The fire service specialists assist fire departments upon request with the following:
  • Answer 1-800-Fire Line (national fire department information number).
  • NFA state training point of contact.
  • Publications from SFMD available on website.
  • Fire Department management assistance.
  • Disciplinary issues.
  • MBFTE Training Funding.
  • Development of SOPs/SOGs.
  • Assistance to Firefighters Grant and other grant assistance.
  • Contracts/disputes/arbitration.
  • Minimum credentials/requirements.
  • Mutual aid agreements/joint powers agreements.
  • Service Planning Grant Program.
  • Fireworks and explosives annual permitting. 

Contact them

The SFMD has three fire service specialists serving different parts of the state. This interactive state map displays the counties to which each fire service specialist is assigned.
  • Tate Mills covers the western part of the state. You can email him or call him at   320-333-2817  
  • John Ehret covers the eastern part of the state. You can email him or call him at651-323-7134
  • Jared Rozeboom covers the southern part of the state. You can email him or call him at 507-456-0907