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August staffing updates

Changes are afoot at the SFMD! Check out Aman​da Swenson's article to learn about some new (and not-so-new) colleagues joining our team.​

What's your story II: When the people you help help you

Sometimes personal growth comes from surprising places — like the people you're helping. John Ehret recently learned this lesson while on assignment in Idaho. Find out what he learned from it in his article.​

Let's not fiddle while Minnesota burns

Legend has it that while ancient Rome burned, Emperor Nero played his fiddle – that is, he did nothing. Like you, Bob Reif doesn't want the same thing to happen in Minnesota, despite the heat, drought, and nearby wildfires. Learn more in his article.

Bradford City stadium fire

Imagine going to your favorite sporting event, only to have a deadly fire break out. That's what happened in Bradford City, England, in 1985. The tragedy led to changes, but not before 56 people died. Learn about it in Tom Jenson's article.​

August 2021 training update

You may be focused on your outdoor training this summer, but the SFMD and NFA are busy putting together training courses for the fall, winter and even spring.  Check out what's coming down the pike in Jake Lindquist's training update.​

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