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​​December 2022​

Ask not for whom the bell tolls​

Chief Deputy Amanda Swenson​ reflects on the state of the state where fire fatalities are concerned. We clearly need to be concerned, as the numbers are not what we had hoped.

Using propane-powered refrigerator? Keep your cool!

There are areas of Minnesota where year-round residents, cabin owners or RV enthusiasts rely on LPG-fueled appliances, including propane powered refrigerators. As is the case with anything gas-powered, the carbon-monoxide they may emit if not properly maintained may put people in serious danger. ​Deputy State Fire Marshal Bob Reif discusses keeping your cool with LPG-fueled fridges.​​

It's your turn to educate​

MBFTE Executive Director Steve Flaherty encourages fire department representatives to educate their legislators about the importance of the Fire Safety Account (FSAC) funds controlled by those at the capitol. FD voices can have a major impact on where and how that money is allotted.

School fire incident notification – we need your help

School Inspections Supervisor Forrest Williams discusses the importance of notifying the State Duty Officer when fires, explosions or of hazardous materials spills or releases occur in Minnesota schools.  The Duty Officer can then contact a State Fire Marshal Division investigator and school inspector to provide support and assistance as needed, and enables them to keep accurate data about the frequency and types of those occurrences.  

Assault and battery

Some collegiate entrepreneurs have found a novel way to pick up a few extra bucks: by charging for (battery) charging. Assistant State Emergency Teams Coordinator Brad Winger illustrates the growing concerns surrounding lithium-ion batteries that have become increasingly prevalent in our electronic world. 

December training update from the SFMD

​Code Development and Training Specialist Dan Buchholz provides his usual monthly update on trainings offered in the months ahead. Of particular note are those sanctioned by the National Fire Academy, but offered right here in Minnesota.

New Minnesota State Fire Code interpretations​

The State Fire Marshal Division's Fire Code Specialist Tom Jenson — resident expert on all things code-related — explains the importance of Fire Code interpretations. The additional information and clarification provided by these interpretations can be invaluable tools for those responsible for enforcing the Minnesota Fire Code.

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