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SFMD Newsletter

With many community fireworks shows canceled due to COVID-19, we’ll see an uptick in illegal fireworks use. Jim Smith lays out good information for you to pass along to your communities in this article.

Deadlines and commitments​

When your community’s fiscal year doesn’t match the state’s fiscal year, it can be hard to keep track of what’s due when. Steve Flaherty lays out several important dates to remember in this article.

Fire inspections: Enforcement or education?  

Ryan Whiting has discovered that it’s sometimes easier to get fire code compliance with education than enforcement. Read his tips for bringing building owners and occupants around to your point of view in this article.

Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen​

Fire Prevention Week is still happening this year, despite the pandemic. In this article, Kathi Osmonson tells you about the theme and ideas for promoting it in your community.

July training update​

In this article, Jake Lindquist writes about the variety of training courses available. Some of them are online, and some of them are in-person according to the latest social distancing guidelines.​

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