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Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education

About us

The Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education's (MBFTE) mission is to promote excellence in the fire service by funding standardized training and through the licensing of Minnesota firefighters. The MBFTE supports every firefighter’s training and preparation to perform at the highest level in service to their communities.

The MBFTE is funded by the Minnesota Fire Safety Account, which was created by the Minnesota State Legislature in 2006 to hold revenue from a fire safety insurance surcharge on homeowner and some commercial insurance policies.

The MBFTE provides every fire department a training reimbursement award as a supplement for training and education based on roster submissions.

What we do

  1. Review fire service training needs and make recommendations on training to Minnesota fire service organizations.
  2. Establish standards for educational programs for the fire service and develop procedures for continuing oversight of the programs.
  3. Establish qualifications for fire service training instructors.
  4. Maintain a list of instructors that have met the qualifications, subject to application procedures and requirements established by the board.
  5. License full-time firefighters and volunteer firefighters.

Contact us

The MBFTE website is a great resource for information. 

You can contact MBFTE Executive Director Steve Flaherty at 651-201-7258 or email him.

You can contact Licensing Coordinator Margaret Koele at 651-201-7259 or email her.