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Explosive Licenses and permits

Explosives licenses — issued by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal — are required if you or your company manufactures, assembles, sells, warehouses, or stores explosives or blasting agents. An explosives license is not needed if you store explosives or blasting agents for your personal consumption. Licenses are issued on an annual basis.

Explosive permits — issued by the county sheriff or local chief of police depending upon where the explosives are stored or used — are required if you or your company use or store explosives or blasting agents for any purposes. Contact your county sheriff or police department for a per​mit application. Use permits are issued as needed. Storage permits may be issued for up to one year.

Licenses and permits require a criminal background check.  In most cases a federal explosives license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) is also needed.

Minnesota Explosive Statutes

299F.72​ Definitions​ 299F.79​ Unlawful Possession of Component; Penalty​
299F.73​ License Required​ 299F.80 Unlawful Possession of Explosive: Penalty​
299F.74​ Permit required for possession​ 299F.81 Repealed, 1976 c 124 s 10​
299F.75 Permit Application​ 299F.811 Repealed, 1994 c 636 art 5 s 18​
299F.76​ Affirmation and Identification; Effective Period​ 299F.815 Repealed, 1994 c 636 art 5 s 18​
299F.77​ Issuance to Certain Persons Prohibited​ 299F.82​ Illegal Transfer; Penalty​
299F.78​ Transfer​ 299F.83 Negligent Discharge​
299F.785 Black Powder​ 299F.831​ Handling while Influenced by Alcohol or Drug​

Minnesota Explosive Rules 

All reference to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension should be read as State Fire Marshal Division, and all references to "superintendent" should be read as State Fire Marshal.  An Administrative Rulemaking process is under way to make this change permanent.

7500.01​ Definitions.​ 7500.19 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​
7500.02​ Purpose.​ 7500.20 Report of thefts.​
7500.03​ Scope.​ 7500.21 Jurisdiction of federal bureau of mines​
7500.04 Scope; exemptions.​ 7500.22 General provisions.​
7500.05​ Authority of commissioner.​ 7500.23 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​
7500.055​ Explosives dealer license.​ 7500.235 Duty of consignee to accept shipment​
7500.056​ Explosives user permit.​ 7500.24 Designation of facilities.​
7500.06 Prohibitions against explosives manufacturing​ 7500.25 Blasting agents.​
7500.07 Prohibitions; exceptions.​ 7500.26 Mixing of blasting agents.​
7500.08 Storage of explosives in magazines.​ 7500.27 Storage of blasting agents and supplies​
7500.09 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​ 7500.28 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​
7500.10 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​ 7500.29 Use of blasting agents.​
7500.11 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​ 7500.30 General provisions for water gels.​
7500.12 Use of explosives; precautions.​ 7500.31 Premixed water gels.​
7500.13 Storage at use sites.​ 7500.32 On-site-mixed water gels.​
7500.14 Loading explosives in blast holes.​ 7500.33 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​
7500.15 Initiation of explosives charges.​ 7500.34 Small arms ammunition.​
7500.16 Warning requirement.​ 7500.35 Smokeless propellants.​
7500.17 [repealed, 11 sr 6]​ 7500.36 Small arms ammunition primers.​
7500.18 Sale and disposition of explosives.​

Questions about explosives licenses and user permits may be directed to:

Travis Ahrens, Deputy State Fire Marshal
Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division
445 Minnesota St., Suite 145
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 507-308-4189