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Honor Guard

What we do

Our 14-member group provides an honor guard and color presentation detail for special occasions including: Photo of 2017 honor guard
  • Retirements
  • Funerals
  • Conferences
  • Special events

Request the honor guard

All requests for the honor guard will be forwarded to the state fire marshal for consideration. To make a request, you can email one of the following three people: 

Did you know?

The Honor Guard provides bell ringing and family escorts at the annual Minnesota Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service.

Examples of events in which we have participated

  • The Minnesota State Fire Chief's Association memorial service
  • The third annual Minnesota Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service
  • The Annual State Fire Marshal Division staff conference
  • Line of duty Death Funeral - Firefighter Randy Hiti - Rice Lake Fire Department

Our creation

The Honor Guard Team was created after a retired staff member passed away in 2013 and his family requested the state fire marshal division staff participate in the visitation and funeral service. Several division staff came together to honor that request.
Photo of honor guard hat and ax


Jared Rozeboom, commander
Travis Ahren
James Iammatteo
Thomas Linhoff
Kevin McGinty
Kathi Osmonson
Ralph Peterson
Brian Petersen
Kerry Queen
Kevin Sedivy
Casey Stotts
Amanda Swenson