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Responder Safety

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Special Notices:

Counterfeit Firefighting Foam - Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) has sent out a notice about a firefighting foam concentrate that is not UL certified. It is manufactured by Zener Chemical. The entire notice can be viewed here. 

First Responder - Situational Awareness
Chemical Suicide First Responder Safety Notice January 9, 2013

NFPA Notice

SCBA face piece lenses may undergo thermal degradation when exposed to intense heat. See NFPA Notice
NFPA 704 Diamond and OSHA GHS Labels - Comparison Quick Reference Guide.

Responder Safety @ Highway Incidents

Extrication Tips Involving High Tension Roadway Safety Cables
Traffic Control Safety Checklist
Traffic Incident Management/Recommended Operational Guidelines


Emergency Vehicle Operations

Legal Considerations Emergency Vehicle Operations (State Patrol) 
Ever wonder what constitutes and emergency vehicle? Here is what Minnesota law has to say.

Alternative Fuels/Hybrid Vehicle Response Information


E85 Fuel Emergency Response Procedure
E85 Fuel Emergency Response Procedure (USDOT)
Ethanol Emergency Response
Emergency Response Guide - "Approaching Alternative Fuel Vehicle Crashes"
Fuel Cell/Hydrogen Fueled Vehicle Safety  


Chemical Safety Board

International Association of Fire Chiefs

Guide to Model Policies and Procedures for Emergency Vehicle Safety





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Near Misses

Firefighternearmiss.com will help the fire service track the close calls—incidents that did not lead to serious injury or death—and learn from these human errors to increase its overall ability to protect firefighters and the communities they serve.  Firefighters who experience a near-miss event fill out a quick, user-friendly report that is de-identified and posted so firefighters in other departments can learn from the experiences. All reports are voluntary, non-punitive and confidential
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NIOSH Safety Alerts

NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program 

This site contains information about the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety's Firefighter Fatality Prevention Program, including the following items which may be accessed separately by clicking the underlined document.

Fire Suppression Systems

Ford Police Cruiser Fire Suppression Systems  


Other Safety Alerts

Canned Air Hazard
EPA Chemical Safety Alert - Use Multiple Data Sources for Safer Emergency Response
Fiberglass Composite 20 lb. Propane Cylinders
Traffic Incident Management - Recommended Operational Guidelines 
Rear Window Glass Hazard Identified
Reinforced Drywall Alert
Safety Notice for Scott AIR-PAK HUD Displays 
Secondary Device Warning
US DOT Fiberglass Cylinder Safety Advisory
MN OSHA requirement mandates High Visibility Garments, Class 2 at a Minimum

US Fire Administration

2010 Firefighter Fatalities Report 
Firefighter Fatalities - Annual Reports
Traffic Incident Management Systems
Emergency Incident Rehabilitation Manual
Emergency Vehicle Safety
Health and Wellness Guideline for the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services

Website Links

www.beaherosaveahero.org - Be a Hero - Save a Hero Program Website
www.everyonegoeshome.com - Training & Advocacy Website.
www.fireherolearningnetwrok.com - Our online learning network