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The true nature of fire

Perri's story

Perri Heideman was young and full of life. She was a good kid who made her family proud. But one day she made a decision to play with fire -- and it cost the young girl her life. Her parents speak out about their loss in this video.

Show your kid

If he could, teenager Austin Bailiff would talk to every kid in the world about gas and fire. He knows what it's like to think, "It can't happen to me." Austin lives every day with the terrible reality that it can. Share Austin's video with your kids. Sometimes hearing stuff from other kids is more powerful than hearing it from us.

Fire is black

Fire isn't like you've seen it in movies or on television. This video will help you understand the true nature of fire and why it's so dangerous.

Fire: Anything but child's play

This 20-minute program discusses how fire behaves, how to prevent it and how to keep families safe.