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Live Burn Training

Why It's Important

Giving firefighters instruction in a hands-on, live fire experience is an excellent means of training and constant skills updating is Firefighters take a rest while attending a live burn training near the Twin Cities. essential to efficient performance. This information on live burn training is provided by a variety of state agencies for the benefit of fire departments statewide.

Department of Natural Resources

How to apply for a live burn

This information from the Minnesota DNR outlines the steps to follow to conduct a live structure training burn in Minnesota.

Steps for conducting a live burn include:
  • Following specific guidelines outlined by state agencies.
  • Having a Department of Health inspector conduct an asbestos inspection.
  • Review of the asbestos inspection report.
  • Obtaining a demolition form.
  • Removing hazardous materials from the structure.
  • Obtaining a DNR fire training permit application.
  • Final walk-through prior to burning.

Pollution Control Agency

Intentional burning

The PCA provides information about demolition by intentional burning.

Notice of intent

You must submit a notice of intent to perform demolition to the Pollution Control Agency at least 10 working days before the demolition begins.

Pre-demolition checklist

This checklist helps ensure you are removing required items from the structure before it is burned. This does not need to be submitted ot the Pollution Control Agency unless requested.

Pre-renovation and demolition rules

This fact sheet helps you understand the pre-renovation or demolition requirements in the state of Minnesota. 

Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education

Live burn plan 

This live burn plan from the MBFTE outlines procedures and other important information, including checklists and an organizational chart.

The live burn plan, live burn instructors and live burn reimbursement form can be found under the training tab on the MBFTE website.


Sample agreement

This Sample Live Burn Training Agreement was provided by the Elk River (MN) Fire Department. Users should consult their local city attorney before executing this agreement. ​