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Burn Injury Reporting

General Information

Minnesota Statutes 626.52, Subd. 3 requires the reporting of a select group of burn injuries to the State Fire Marshal. This law, enacted in 1992, is intended to provide information that will support public fire safety education programs, as well as aid in fire / arson and fire death investigations.
The statute requires that a health professional file a written report with the State Fire Marshal within 72 hours after being notified of a burn injury or wound that the professional is called upon to treat, dress, or bandage. The following burn injuries are subject to reporting:

• Second or third degree burns to five percent or more of the body
• Burns to the upper respiratory tract
• Laryngeal edema from inhaling superheated air
• Burn injury or wound that may result in the victim’s death

Reporting online

You can file an online burn injury report by filling out this form.  

Burn Injury Report Form and Reporting Poster 

You can print out your own copies of the burn injury report. 

Here is a burn injury reporting poster you can hang up at your business.