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General information

​These presentations on various topics have been given around the state by our State Fire Marshal Division staff. 

University of Minnesota Building Officials Institute

This presentation was given on Jan. 16, 2020, at the University of Minnesota Building Officials Institute Conference. 

2015 State Fire Code update class 

Below are the handout materials that correspond with the 2015 State Fire Code update classes. Class attendees need to print these presentations or download them to their electronic devices before the class. The SFMD is not providing printed handouts. 

These presentations provide more information about changes to the Minnesota State Fire Code. 

Send an email to Fire Code Team if you have any questions. 

  • Mod​ule 1​​ covers history, legal and code adoption for chapters one through four. 
  • Module 2 covers fire service features, firefighting access and water supplies for chapter five. 
  • Module 3 covers changes to chapters six through eight. 
  • Module 4 covers fire protection systems and equipment for chapter nine. 
  • Module 5 covers means of egress for chapters 10 and 11. 
  • Module 6A covers housing with services--assisted living. 
  • Module 6B covers carbon dioxide beverage systems. 
  • Module 6C covers liquid propane gas dispensing. 
  • Module 6D covers special occupancies and operations, hazardous materials and miscellaneous. 
  • Module​ 6E​ is an exercise covering hazardous materials.

Classes on DHS fire code requirements 

Individuals who plan to attend the upcoming training classes “Fire Code Requirements for DHS Licensed R-3 homes (Licensor Training)” and “Fire Code Requirements for DHS Licensed Facilities (Inspector Training)” should be aware that printed materials will not be provided by the SFMD. Each student is responsible for printing/downloading their own materials prior to class. 

The required materials will be provided here as the date for the training classes nears. 

Outdoor fireworks displays and inspections

Outdoor fireworks displays and inspections training is for fire officials and county sheriffs who issue fireworks display permits. 

This training is periodically offered throughout the state. Students attending this training should print out the material below prior to attending the class.