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State Fire Code

Minnesota State Fire and Building Code 

Purchase a print copy of the 2020 State Fire Code

The 2020 Minnesota State Fire Code was adopted on March 31, 2020. Purchase a print version of the Minnesota State Fire Code online here.​ 

Electronic versions of the 2020 State Fire Code

An electronic version of the 2020 Minnesota State Fire Code is available on the Intern​ational Code Council's website​​. The new Minnesota code is based on the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC). 

Errata for the 2020 MSFC

These are errors in the printing of the first edition of the 2018 International Fire Code as adopted by Minnesota Rule 7511. The errata are part of the adopted code. ​

​Supplemental State Fire Code information 

Minnesota Rule 7511 includes rules not published in the printed State Fire Code due to copywrite laws. The 2020 Statement of Need and Reasona​bleness (SONAR) is also available online. SONARs from 1988,​ 19911997​, 2003, 2007​ and 2015 contain historical information you may find important. Here is a model ordinance for adopting the State Fire Code.

If you have questions on the new code, email our Fire Code Team.​

Electronic versions of the 2020 Minnesota Building Code

You have free access​ to electronic editions of the Minnesota Building Code. The Minnesota Building Code and other Minnesota building code information can be purchased online here.​ 

Contact the Fire Code Team 

Fire code questions may be submitted by email to fire.code@state.mn.us. Code staff monitor this email address on a daily basis and will respond to your question, usually within 24 hours, but always within three working days. 

Variances and Appeals to Fire Code Orders

A process to request a variance from fire code orders has been established to address unique situations relating the enforcement of the Minnesota State Fire Code.  In addition, there are provisions for requesting additional time to comply with fire code orders. Instructions for this process are provided:
Instructions for variances and time extensions
When corrective orders are written by State Fire Marshal Division employee, the amount of time available for compliance is based on this policy.
For questions relating to variances and appeals, contact Ryan Whiting via email.
Email comments and fire code questions to the Fire Code Team.​

National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards

The National Fire Protection Association offers free access to its codes and standards.  ​