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Teachers and educators play a crucial role in teaching children of all ages about the dangers of fire. Early intervention is critical for kids who start fires.

Statistics show that once a child completes a youth firesetting prevention and intervention program, 98 percent do not repeat the dangerous, life-threatening behavior.
Please take the time to visit the many valuable resources available to you on the subject of youth firesetting and fire safety.


How Schools and Teachers Can Help

Brochure for schools

Any student who brings to school ignition devices, such as matches, lighters or fuel such as gasoline needs help. This brochure outlines resources available and what you should do if a student needs help.

Teachers toolkit

This firesetting intervention toolkit is made available from the Michigan Trauma Burn Center.

Online Education and Information 

'Aaron's Promise'

"Aaron's Promise" talks about what happened to a boy who played with a lighter. Teachers can read this book to their students.

Fire is black 

In many states this is a mandatory take home-assignment because there are pre-tests and post-tests involved.

When the family completes the five 20-minute videos and passes the final test there is a certificate they can bring to you for credit. 

This video will help your students understand the true nature of fire and why it's so dangerous – it may even save their life.  Most people don’t know that fire isn't like they've seen it in movies or on television.


Several articles are available from YFIRES​ -- a non-profit organization which develops and supports a wide range of intervention, communication, and training for service providers of fire involved youth -- about youth-set fires.


Articles and Newsletters

Articles by Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division staff and other experts as well as our Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention newsletter are available here.


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Contact Us

You can reach our YFPI coordinator, Kathi Osmonson, at kathi.osmonson@state.mn.us or 651-201-7220.