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Resources to Keep Your Family Safe


An escape plan could save your life

Does your family have an escape plan? You should. Fire doubles in size every 60 seconds making a quick and easy escape essential to surviving a fire in your home. Sit down with this template​ and work on your escape plan with everyone in your family.

This interactive video of a house fire from the New Zeland Fire Service shows you how quickly a fire spreads. The video highlights the importance of practicing your escape plan and having two ways out.

Multi-Language Fire Safety Videos

Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms

This program​ educates viewers on some simple steps they can take to protect their homes against two potential killers: carbon monoxide and the toxic smoke associated with fire.  Languages: English, Spanish, Hmong & Somali.

Fire: Anything But child's Play

Children are interested in fire, but they may not understand the dangers and consequences of experimenting with fire. This video​ will teach the family how important it is that children leave fire alone. Available in eight languages.​


Preventing hot liquid burns at home

Children can be easily burned by hot liquids, such as coffee or even tap water. This video​ explains how to prevent children from being painfully burned by hot liquids. Available in 8 languages.​

Fire prevention in the kitchen

Did you know that about half of all house fires start in the kitchen?  This program​ provides vital kitchen fire prevention and safety rules and tips. Viewers will learn about the proper use of kitchen stoves and appliances, in addition to the dangers that they present and what to in the event of a kitchen fire.  Languages: English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese, Lao, Khmer & Karen. 

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

I​nformation about home fire sprinklers is available from the Home Fire Sprinkler CoalitionYou can test your knowledge of fire sprinklers with our online quiz

Lesson Plans

Primary Fire Safety Lessons (Grades K-2)
Intermediate Fire Safety Lessons (Grades 3-6)
Age Appropriate Fire and Life Safety Messages


Fire Safety for Older Adults 
College Fire Safety Presentation 
Fire Safety & Prevention 
Winter Fire Safety

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