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Minnesota Air Rescue Team

​AboutTwo people in orange suits are rescued by a helicopter during a training exercise.

The Minnesota Air Rescue Team (MART) is a cooperative effort between the Minnesota State Patrol Aviation Division and the Saint Paul Fire Department Advanced Technical Rescue Team. The team specializes in short-haul rescue and extraction of victims from locations that cannot be reached by ground or water, or from locations that present excessive risk to rescuers. These locations can include heavily wooded areas distant from roads, areas surrounded by marsh or bog, or waters too dangerous for approach by boat.  

MART is able to remove victims located on land, in the water, or at great height on terrain or man-made structures. Additionally, they can assist with searches for lost persons using visual and thermal imaging methods from the air.  Once located, the rescuers have the capability to rappel or short-haul to the victim’s location and, if unable to remove them using a short-haul method, can shelter with them and provide basic medical care until ground-based rescuers arrive.  

MART's focus is to assist public safety agencies anywhere in the state of Minnesota with their work during these challenging situations to maximize the safety of victims and to minimize the risk to responders. 

A response from the team is free of charge and available by calling the State Duty Officer at 800-422-0798 or 651-649-5451.