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A few minutes could save your life

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Smoke alarms save lives — both humans and animals — but only if they work.

People die every year in Minnesota homes without working smoke alarms. Those deaths are preventable.

Take a few minutes each month to test your smoke alarms. All it takes is a push of a button to potentially save your life. More information about smoke alarms is available in this fact sheet. ​​

Rags and brushes can spontaneously ignite if not stored properly

​Been finishing up pandemic-era home improvement projects? If you’ve been stripping and staining woodwork, soak the rags and brushes in water, then hang them outside until they are completely dry before sealing them in an air-tight can. Those rags and brushes could spontaneously ignite and pose a real fire hazard. Learn more in this fact sheet​.​

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Video Description: Most smoking-related fire deaths happen inside homes where a smoker improperly extinguishes a cigarette. This video explains how tragedy strikes.